Addiction Treatment Services

Having studied the subject of the inflamed brain, addictions and Neurobiology for many years, Dr. Gina’s findings were recently supported by the New England Journal of Medicine in an article on the Neurobiologic Brain Disease Model of Addiction. There are prevention and treatment options for the underlying causes of addiction which can be inflammation, stress and hormone deficiency. Here are some of the services we offer.

  • Management of alcohol, opioid and methadone induced hormone deficiency
  • Glutathione injection therapy
  • Blood amino acid and fatty acid analysis and customized treatment
  • Blood nutrient testing and treatment
  • Methylation assessment and treatment
  • Epigenetic approach to addiction prevention, treatment and

Our Addiction Prevention and Recovery program promotes changes in the patient’s central and autonomic nervous system which leads to positive changes in physical, emotional, and cognitive states. While traditional pharmacotherapies are essential and the doctor supports their use, they typically provide symptomatic relief without treating the underlying etiology. Dr. Gina’s approach involves treating the underlying problem by changing how the nervous system functions.

Maybe you’re already in recovery or you’ve just completed residential drug rehab or you desire to maintain an addiction-free life. The physical damage that abuse exerts on your body is significant. Creating a new healthy lifestyle to assist you in maintaining your physical health can be accomplished through a customized program.

Set up an appointment for a private consultation with Dr. Gina to explore your individualized options for addiction prevention and recovery that will provide you and your long term health.