Natural Fertility TreatmentsNatural Fertility Treatments for Men and Women

Dr. Gina works with highly effective Bioidentical Hormone Therapies and Natural Detoxification Methods. Her focus with concierge patients who are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are recent new parents is to:

– Treat infertility caused by biochemical imbalances in women and men up to age 45.
– Support a healthy pregnancy for mom and baby, with natural and prescription-only hormone balance therapy, stress management, exercise techniques, healthy home environment, and individualized nutrition.
– Support the family throughout pregnancy and the postpartum stage to attain health and balance
– Teach parents how to care for mom and baby naturally, through breast feeding and proper supplementation, food preparation and holistic healthcare for the entire family.


  • Initial Fertility Intake/Comprehensive Medical Intake
    • 1.5 hours (allow 2 hours in case we go over) (for new patients)
    • In office, video conference (FaceTime or Skype) or phone visit
  • Monthly One Hour Phone Coaching Session with Dr. Gina
  • Private and direct phone number and email address exclusively for Dr. Gina’s fertility patients
  • Private video conference (FaceTime or Skype), office or phone visits
  • All ordering of prescriptions, custom formulations, and lab tests relevant for optimizing the pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum stages
  • 21 Day Customized Fertility Purification Program
  • Comprehensive Hormone Balance Therapy to Optimize Fertility, Pregnancy and the Postpartum Experience (includes ordering of appropriate labs and ordering of customized prescriptions of bioidentical hormone therapies)
  • Customized Fertility Diet
  • Optional grocery store shop with the doctor, customized to your food allergy lab test results, and your Customized Fertility Purification Program

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