“My experience with Dr. Gina was 5 star. She had studied the entire 16 page questionnaire I filled out in advance of our first visit, and based on that and her background, already knew much about my physical, emotional, mental and dare I say, spiritual health. I’ve been to many ND’s over the years, the naturopathic principles resonate with me. Dr. Gina was professional, science based, yet what impressed me the most was her intuition and perceptive “read” of my entire being. While several health issues precipitated my visits, what I learned was how deeply our mental, emotional and spiritual health affect the physical-and how empowering that realization was and is. Truly I can say my experience with Dr. Gina was life changing, and the healing of all of those four has been permanent. I was also quite impressed with her detecting that my thyroid was “off” although the usual tests did not reveal this. We treated that based on her understanding of other symptoms often overlooked by other doctors (not only MD’s, other ND’s as well). At that time she was also quite active in legislation to legitimize ND’s as primary care physicians, and offered limited office hours. I felt and feel very fortunate I was able to be seen and treated by her.”


Infant Allergies, Detoxification, Energy and Renewed Sense of Well Being

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Gina for well over 10 years. I trust Dr. Gina’s advice over any medical specialist out there.

My first experience with Dr. G was in my mid-twenties. I was run down from working nearly 80 hours in the entertainment industry. Dr. Gina put me on a detoxification protocol, complete with supplements and dietary guidelines. The results were astonishing. I had the energy of a child, my skin looked incredible and I felt connected to my body.

Second, my infant son was breaking out with rashes, to the point of bleeding. We had experienced some mold exposure so I was certain that was the issue. Dr G. ordered an allergy panel and we discovered some severe food allergies, including an allergy to the food coloring in his formula. A formula his top-rated pediatrician recommended! Within days, my son’s rash was healed.

Dr Gina’s research is DECADES beyond what you will find with most medical doctors out there.

Manhattan Beach, CA

Hormone Balance, Youthful Energy, “Aging Backwards”

“As a result of working with Dr Gina over the past five years, I have been in excellent health. She has taught me how to live a healthy life through a forward holistic approach. Dr Gina has introduced me to new ways of restoring my youthful energy, strengthening my weakest organs and glands,and bringing hormonal function to perfect balance. The number of my age has become irrelevant. Its about having young energy. My daughter said I am aging backwards! I highly recommend Dr Gina to others.

The products that she recommends, based on my profile, have been very helpful. I find that once I have used the product(s)/ my body becomes in sync. Therefore,I don’t need to depend on them any longer.

I would recommend Dr Gina’s Concierge Service because she really listens and cares about those she works with. As a result one become healthier and stronger.”

Burbank, CA

Painful Reoccurring Condition Unresolved by CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County)

“I’ve only recently started working with Dr. Gina to improve my health. The medical issues I have been ‘living with’ have been in my life for 10 years now – and despite the need for pharmaceuticals, I have not felt well or much improvement – just kinda accepting the situation. Within weeks and extensive labwork, Dr. Gina has identified areas that can be improved and has prescribed treatment. I am started down the road to better health and for the first time feel hopeful that real change will occur.

For my daughter – Dr. Gina saw my 13 year about 3 weeks ago for a painful and re-occuring condition that experts at CHOC hospital could not resolve. Dr. G prescribed a supplement from Mother’s market and within 24 hours my child was pain free and her symptoms decreased. We are so grateful!! As Dr. G’s philosophy is about finding the root cause, we are waiting for labwork to get a permanent solution.
Thank you Dr. Gina!”

Newport Coast, CA


“Please share with Dr. Gina that I thank her every day for helping me!! I am 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Thank you Dr Gina for your help always !!! For the caring being that you truly are and for helping assist me to become Healthy and well in order to have my precious gift from God, my baby! Life!”
Los Angeles, CA

Bipolar, Mental Health Challenges

“Both members of my immediate and extended family have been surprised out how emotionally stable I have been handling my mother’s passing, who was also my closest friend. I have told them that I attribute the emotional stability to your program, especially the compounded amino acid and vitamin mineral blend powders. I also hope that one day my dad and my brother will commit to a program with you because I firmly believe that you have the ability to really help them.”

Greenville, SC

Heavy Metal Toxicity

“After experiencing a variety of disturbing symptoms, I was diagnosed with heavy metal radioactive poisoning, with very high levels of cadmium, beryllium and uranium. I explored treatment options with three doctors and chose Dr. Gina.

She proposed a naturopathic detox regimen including diet and supplements to cleanse my eliminatory pathways and balance my system, so that if chelation were necessary, it would have minimal impact on my body. I followed a three-month detox regimen, which cleared the radioactive heavy metals from my system. Further testing showed that I still had high levels of lead and mercury, so I followed a three-month course of oral chelation, supported by diet and supplements to clear those.

I am happy to report that my last tests show that I have eliminated not only the radioactive metals, but the lead and mercury as well. I have lost over 40 pounds and am now able to participate in rigorous fitness bootcamps four or five days a week.

With Dr. Gina’s guidance and care, I have recovered my health and vitality to a degree that I had not thought possible. She is a rare combination of knowledgeable expert and compassionate healer, who is absolutely dedicated to helping you optimize your health and well-beingI am eternally grateful to her for her kind and wonderful support-and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Best Regards,

Laguna Beach

Manic Depression, Alcoholism & Drug Use

“Dear Dr. Gina, I’m writing this to thank you for your expertise and for the information you are sharing on your website. I want to tell you my experiences, along with how much you helped me. I was diagnosed as a Manic Depressive in 1979, along with being a alcoholic with a cocaine problem. I was prescribed lithium and at that time I quit drinking and quit cocaine. I took lithium for 30 years but still continued to have bouts of depression which I attribute to hypoglycemia, which I was told I had even before 1979. My kidneys were beginning to be compromised by lithium and although I was scared about going off of it, in March of 2010 I gradually decreased the dosage and finally quit taking it. I found my system to be even more sensitive to the low blood sugar problem and I decided for the first time in my life to start taking it seriously and to eat a high protein, low carb diet. I started to feel better and the depression and confusion started to lift, but it seemed that every time my allergies (inflammation) got bad, the blood sugar issue along with the headaches and feeling so fatigued etc. got worse. I added Vitamin D (4,000 ui/day, Twin Lab, water soluble) to my diet and it helped me a lot, but I ran out one day and bought another brand of Vitamin D3 (not water soluble) and within 3 weeks I found myself really depressed. After analysing it I realized it was the water soluble product that was working for me. I kept thinking though, the inflammation I had was directly related to the hypoglycemia but I didn’t understand why, this is when I ran across the paper you wrote about cytokines. I then started searching for more of your work and I ran across your ‘sicksyndrome.com’ site and took your assessment test. I scored a 17, knowing it would have been much worse if I would have taken it prior to the diet change. I followed your 5 Step Program and started doing the following daily… 1) A tablespoon of Sesame Oil/day. 2) A handful of Walnuts/day. 3) 450 mg of Holy Basil/day. 4) I’m unable take Flaxseed Oil, I tried in the past but it doesn’t seem to digest properly. 5) I don’t know if my DHEA level is low, so I haven’t taken it. 6) I picked up a meditation sound file and I’m meditating at least 5 times per week. I was always so fatigued, along with all the other mental and physical things that went along with what you explained regarding the cytokine overload, and after I started your ‘5 Step Program’ I have to tell you how good I feel mentally and physically and the blood sugar issue is much better also. I hope I didn’t give you to much information, but I am so happy to feel good and I had to tell you how much you have changed my life. I hope I can refer someone to you in the future because I feel indebted to you.

You are what I consider a real Doctor to be.”


Heavy Metal Radioactive Poisoning, Hormone Balance, Compassionate and Professional Care

“Dr. Gina helped me clear my system of heavy metal radioactive poisoning in a thorough way that was gentle on my system. I was very ill and I am now free of the metals. She continues to help me balance my system with bio-identical hormones. She is professional and compassionate in her careI recommend her highly!
Laguna Niguel, CA

Dr. Gina with Jenny McCarthy Supporting Autism Research

Low Energy – No Help From Mainstream Medicine

“As a yoga practitioner, I consciously seek to find intrinsic equilibrium. Given the demands of modern life, finding this balance is not always easy. Even though it is a difficult task, I had been maintaining this balance within my life up until one year ago.

Last Spring, despite the fact that my diet and yoga practice remained the same, I began to feel run down. My energy level was low, and I had trouble participating in my everyday life. My health seemed to be compromised. As a result, I elected to take the conventional route, and I made an appointment with my family doctor.

After several routine tests and follow up visits, I was disappointed with the inconclusive results. I knew that I had to do something to get my life back on track. It was then that I turned to Dr. Gina in hopes that a naturopathic approach might restore the balance within my life.

Ever since my first visit last June, Dr. Gina has acted with the precision of a seasoned detective in her assessment of what was missing in my life. Dr. Gina’s scientific approach enabled her to uncover my trouble spots and restore my natural equilibrium.

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Dr. Gina employs nature to remedy ailments. This gives me peace of mind knowing that I am not compromising any system in my body.

Together, Dr. Gina and I have balanced my systems and restored my energy. She is a great listener, a strong teacher, and a thorough doctor. She has become my ally in good health. Dr. Gina understands the subtle complexities of what it takes to restore and maintain a balance between body, mind, and Spirit.

After building a relationship with Dr. Gina, I understand why alternative medicine is now entering the mainstream.”

Newport Beach, CA

Bipolar Disorder – Poor Digestion – Hormone Imbalance

“I am 43 years old and I have always taken very good care of myself. I have exercised regularly since I was a teenager. I have maintained a fairly healthy diet and take pride in my healthy lifestyle. In 1995 I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder and I am a rapid-cycler. This is very challenging to treat. Until this year I have been hospitalized three times and have tried most of the medications out there, often in a cocktail. Some of the medications are Lithium, Depakote, Lamictal, Klonipin, Geodon, Abilify, and several others. The side effects of these drugs were unmanageable for me, including weight gain, hair loss, total mental dulling, nausea, nerve problems, and so many more. Plus, none of the drugs worked for very long. Eventually, I always broke through with either an explosive manic episode or depression. The medicines also made me feel so stupid that I seriously couldn’t do my job. I was an editor and couldn’t complete a thought. NO DOCTOR EVER DID ANY TESTING ON ME. THEY ONLY PRESCRIBED MEDICINE AFTER MEDICINE. I read an ariticle by Margot Kidder, who is a huge advocate of natural molecular medicine. She, like me, suffered from the effects of Bipolar Disorder for many years. She had no luck with any of the typical medications and tried alternative, natural medicine. She hasn’t suffered from either mania or depression since then! That was inspiration enough for me. Through Internet research, I found Dr. Gina. When I came to Dr. Gina, I mainly wanted to switch from pharmaceuticals to natural medicine for treatment of my mental illness. I also had some other complaints that I wanted to get help for, including chronic constipation, acid reflux, premature aging, joint pain, loss of muscle tone, increased body fat, acne, lethargy, TMJ, and brittle, dry hair. Dr. Gina met with me and spent two hours going over my entire history. she then recommended a total body cleanse followed by lab testing (hormones, cellular nutrients and amino acids). I noticed changes immediately after starting the cleanse. My skin started clearing up and, for the first time in my life, I started having regular bowel movements. The lab tests revealed hormonal and amino acid imbalances as well as nutrient deficiencies and high levels of bacteria in my digestive system. Dr. Gina supplied me with several supplements, including an amino acid formula developed specifically for me and my needs. I also got a multi-vitamin and mineral formula developed for me. I was put on some hormone and digestive supplements. It has been just over a month since I’ve started taking my supplements and I am no longer on any prescription meds. I have noticed a few changes already. I no longer have any joint pain. My TMJ symptoms are almost gone and my other joints feel wonderful! Some of my fat has melted off and my muscle tone is getting better. My hair is soft and shiny and doesn’t fall out like it used to. My skin looks amazingly clear and seems to be more elastic. My digestive system is efficient and I go regularly and no longer have any acid reflux. My thinking is clear again and I feel like my thought process is what it used to be when I was younger. My bipolar symptoms are becoming less severe and the length of time in between symptoms is increasing. I feel very hopeful for the first time that I may soon have a life without any bipolar symptoms. The only setback for me is the expense of natural medicine. My insurance won’t cover any of the supplements, treatments or lab testing. I don’t understand this because I feel like I’m being treated for the first time in my life. Dr. Gina doesn’t try to camoflauge my symptoms, she finds the reason behind the symptom and treats that. It is the only logical medical treatment. Dr. Gina has been very helpful and is always there to answer any questions. If something concerns me, she will call me herself and discuss my concerns. I feel safe under her care. She truly cares about my individual treatment and communicates with me. I feel like I’m actually being seen as a whole body. Thank you, Angie.”

Huntington Beach, CA

Schizophrenia – Heavy Metal Toxicity

“I researched a long time to find a doctor like Dr. Gina, I am truly lucky to have found her. She is compassionate with a true understanding of what it takes to reach optimal health and well being. I trust her with those closest to me and recommend her to anybody wishing to feel their very best.”

Burbank, CA

Chronic Allergies – Hormone Imbalance

Guzzling Lattes to push myself through the day, I was tired. In addition to a chronic sinus problem from allergies, I started to have periodical break outs on my face and night sweats. Conventional blood tests showed nothing wrong with me.

Dr. Gina listened, examined my medical history, and gave me some suggestions and supplements to try.

I was skeptical about some of them (Especially what to eat or not). So, I tried little by little baby steps and Dr. Gina was very understanding about my approach.

“The more I tried her suggestions, the better I felt. I got more energy and learned much about my body.

Dr. Gina is an engaging, attentive and compassionate person. She made me comfortable enough that I could discuss my problems with her candidly.

I am glad that I went to her. It has made me a well being.”

Laguna Beach, CA

ADHD & Addiction to Ritalin

“When we were working with Dr. Gina, our son was still taking his Adderall, but taking a smaller dose, and was doing the best he ever has done. We live far away and thought we might try another expert physician, with Dr. Gina’s blessing. Now, since changing protocols (under another physician’s guidance) he is not only hyper and impulsive, but also angry and oppositional.

Please help us get our son back to where he was 5 months ago. He was WAY better when we were following Dr. Gina’s protocol.”

Omaha, NE

Here’s what doctors trained by Dr. Gina are saying…

“One of the best, most comprehensive CE’s on a topic that I have ever attended. Great educator who must be a great practitioner!”

“Thank you for this terrific session!…Informative Lecture….Excellent….Wow! Your speakers keep getting better and better.”

“Thanks Dr Gina, excellent presentation.”

“Would love to see more programs with Dr. Gina – so interesting – she is GREAT!”

Please get Dr. Gina back often. She’s excellent.

“The best one on this [Live Continuing Medical Education] website.”

“I really enjoyed the program.”

“Excellent presentation! a lot to cover in 1.25hrs!”

“Great program.”

“I learned a great deal.”

Best program I have EVER attended!

What a blessing to have well informed practitioners!!! We need help informing the MD population!

Specialized Health Challenges

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Heart Disease
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Infertility
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Low Energy and Vitality
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Mood Disorders
  • Obesity
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sickness Syndrome Depression
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stress-related Illness
  • Thyroid Disorders