The 21 Day Purification Program

Dr. Gina is an expert on detox and was the author of the first clinical textbook on detoxification. The “Detox in a Box” 21 day purification program was formulated by her. This is a healthy way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew. Anyone at any age or lifestyle can benefit from a cleansing to jump-start their body with an active life and healthier nutrition program.

Why Should You Detox?
If your metabolism is sluggish, if losing weight is difficult, if you are lacking in energy, and if getting the sugar and caffeine and unhealthy food out of your diet feels impossible, this is the perfect solution for you to reboot, and reestablish a healthy and effective nutrition program.

Detox From the Inside Out
It is a powerful 21 Day experience that ANYONE can enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are eating meat and potatoes with no interest in giving them up, or you are a raw food eating, yoga practicing health nut. Everyone can benefit from this gentle, effective program for lowering the toxin burden in your body, supporting digestive, skin, heart and mental health, and overall sense of well being.