Brain Health and Mental Wellness

Dr. Gina is a leading authority on the prevention and treatment of Brain Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases, Inflammation, Addiction Recovery, Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Weight Gain, and Sexual Dysfunction.

She is thrilled to be able to bring her knowledge and expertise to the public by offering life-changing proprietary Brain and Mental Health programs for all to enjoy.

Dr. Gina offers an Advanced Brain Therapy program that includes effective, non toxic, noninvasive testing and treatments for Opioid Use Disorder, depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, cognitive decline and insomnia. The testing system that Dr. Gina Nick uses acquires biomarkers based on extensive blood and urine laboratory testing.

The treatments can involve the use of customized hormone balance therapy, amino acid and fatty acid therapy, and brain nutrient injection therapies, that produce results in as little as three weeks. Dr. Gina trains physicians worldwide on her Advanced Brain Therapy program.

“I am passionate about brain health and mental wellness and see in my practice that the Newport Beach community is in need of doable ways to keep our brains healthy, improve mental health and live life to the fullest. Newport Beach kids are suffering in school, many in our community are experiencing post-Covid brain fog, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, cognitive decline, dementia, and alcoholism. People are connecting less in person and more virtually. We are disconnecting from nature, which is crucial for handling stress in a healthy way, and for overall health and well-being. We need genuine, social interaction outside, in nature and in a supportive and fun environment for mental health. Zoom meetings, instagram scrolling, VR video games, and facebook groups just don’t fit the bill. It is time to leave the stigma around mental illness at the door, get outside, see the ocean, connect with others in a supportive and welcoming environment, have fun, and get inspired with new and proven ways (that most people wouldn’t think of or even know about) to overcome mental health problems and discover the resources in our own backyard to get well and stay well, in mind, body and spirit.

The treatment protocols that I create are designed to strengthen and elevate your biochemical framework so that you can LIVE at the highest level of energy possible, and LIVE at your highest potential every day.”

Dr. Gina Nick

We offer the most advanced technologies for identifying and treating brain imbalances that cause pain, addiction, depression, anxiety, insomnia and cognitive decline.

By measuring brain function directly, paired with advanced blood and urine lab testing, we obtain a clinical work-up beyond standard subjective patient questionnaires. Our testing provides clinically actionable and objective biomarkers of brain health pertinent to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and other cognitive disorders.

Stress is a significant contributor to many diseases, including opioid use disorder, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and sleep difficulties. Reducing stress can be an important part of your treatment plan. Our practice offers many effective tools to treat your condition while also helping you to reduce your stress, including neurofeedback, transcranial electrical stimulation, nutrient and glutathione injection therapy, hormone therapy, and detoxification for patients who are interested in regaining their sense of freedom and overall health and well-being.