Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Gina will complete a comprehensive medical intake with you to determine the best medical weight loss program to meet your unique needs, wether it is prescription only HCG, detoxification, hormone balance therapy, a food allergy diet, or paleo, paired with the support you need to succeed, and the most appropriate exercise program based on your metabolic and hormone profile and current lifestyle and medical history.

All Inclusive True Weight Loss Program 

This is an all inclusive program that includes blood draw, all lab testing, medical visits, lab interpretations, Hormone Therapy, Customized Medical Purification Program, and your personal concierge health coach to help you stay on track and accountable to maximizing your weight loss long term, and to provide you with the support you need to SUCCEED.

Dr. gina’s Program Includes:

Weight Loss Lab Testing Panel and Concierge Phlebotomist 

You will receive a comprehensive hormone and metabolic blood panel to identify any imbalances that are blocking your weight loss progress. You will also have a concierge phlebotomist come to your home to draw your blood easily, efficiently and professionally in the privacy and convenience of your own home. 

Medical Visit 

You will receive a comprehensive medical weight loss intake to go over your health history, diet and lifestyle, and your weight loss goals. You will also go over your genetic history and learn about how treating a micronutrient deficiency can turn OFF the disease promoting weight gain genes and turn ON the disease preventing weight balance genes. 

Medical Lab Interpretation and Customized Two Month Weight Loss Program 

You will receive a thorough evaluation of your lab test results and they will be interpreted by a doctor who has been interpreting these labs for over two decades. Proper interpretation of these labs, paired with your medical visit is the key to receiving the best weight loss protocol that will lead to the best outcome for you. 

Concierge Personal Health Coach 

You will receive access to your own personal health coach that will carry your through the entire weight loss journey to help you stay on track, figure out how to eat, stay motivated, and continue to learn more about your health, your nutritional status and how to attain peak weight loss results long term. 

Group Coaching Calls 

You will receive exclusive access to our private live group coaching calls once per week to answer all of your weight loss questions, get all of the support you need from the group and the health coach and doctor, and share tips and tricks to maximizing the results of your weight loss journey.