dr. gina’s 12 week

The Group Healing Program


Group Healing Program

Understanding Your Struggles

Life is hectic. Long hours, stress, and a lack of personalized guidance can take a toll. You’re not alone. Others face similar challenges and this program was created to help every unique journey.

Focus on Cognitive Health

Foggy thinking and poor memory are common issues. It’s not just about aging, it’s a concern for many. Whether post-COVID or hormonal imbalances, I see it all the time and have solutions that can help.

Personalized Biohacking

The program dives deep, offering personalized biohacking tips aligned with your health goals. Whether it’s fasting, exercise, or supplements, we tailor solutions to your needs. No one size fits all solutions.

Cutting Through the Noise

By the time patients come to me, they’ve tried every generic health trend, but are not seeing the results promised. This program offers specific, actionable advice to transform your health for good.

Why I created the healing Group program

Many people grapple with stress, burnout, long working hours, high stress levels, and a lack of personalized guidance. Limited community support and time constraints also contribute to their struggles in balancing work, personal life, and self-care.

To address these challenges, the Group Healing Program offers personalized insights and tips based on individual health goals. This tailored solution transcends the limitations of generic health advice.

Participants are encouraged to engage in group chat rooms, fostering a supportive community that alleviates feelings of isolation on their health journey. Weekly accountability calls offer a structured routine, easing the stress of navigating holistic wellness independently.

The program covers a comprehensive range of topics, from personal nutrition to emotional well-being, addressing the desire for holistic wellness and transformative results that last.

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Our first journey is going to be special. Class begins February 12th. I hope you will join us.